Saturday, January 30, 2010

I feel spring a comin'

I had a revelation Thursday night as I was riding home from work around 5pm.  It wasn't pitch black out!  I still had my headlight on flash mode by the time that I arrived at my home around quarter to six.  I hope that you can understand my giddiness.

For about the past month or so even before I left the door of the shop to head home it was dark and all you could see were the twinkle of cars headlights.  But this little piece of excitement has just reminded me that there is an end to this thing called winter and it is slowly but surely on the way.

Happy riding.


The Douglas said...

Amen! More sunlight in the mornings is a good thing as well. Now if we could only get warmer temps all will be good.

Sean said...

Yes Sir!

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