Friday, January 8, 2010

Seat Bag Mechanics Class

We at The Bike Way feel that even though we can supply you with top-notch service and repairs any day of the week, you should have the knowledge of some basic repairs so you can be a more confident rider in your pedaling adventures.  So we present to you our first series of maintenance classes.

The Seat Bag Mechanic
Here's the rundown--
Meet two (2) evenings, one evening a week= 2weeks- Feb. 24th and March 3rd @ 6pm

Cover basic trail-side repairs and adjustments

Class Entry Fee: $60 (total) please pre-register
Cost of class includes: (2) Pedro’s tire levers and (1) Specialized EMT Multi tool
Class description:  Class is focused on the new rider or someone looking for the skills to be able to go for a ride and feel confident that they will be able to handle most of the common place trail-side repairs.

Class covers:
-Pre-ride Safety checks (check bolts, bearings, tire pressures, quick release skewers)
-Explain chain basics (cross chaining, chain tension, difference in chains (single speed/8/9/10), chain sizing/repair)
-Changing tires (order / tips for less flats) and patching tubes (self adhesive, vulcanizing)
-Adjusting Derailleurs Front + Rear (cable tension, explain limit screws)
-Adjusting brakes (rim and disc, no hydraulic)

-We will field peoples questions as they come up during the class also
-Feel free to bring your own bike so you can greater understand the in and outs of what you ride
-We will have repair stands available

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